Welcome to the Sisterhood!

Our mission is to build a community for women, celebrate the talents and successes of women,
provide personal and professional developmental tools with resources to support women,
as well as create a positive environment for women to find lifelong friendships and support.

Just testing the water

Let's date for 6 months first

I'm all in sister!

This is your tribe!

Women put others before themselves and that's why Pink Sesh Society
provides a space for us to build friendships, learn from each other, give back, and empower through online and local community.
Our women know their worth, the worth of other women, and worth
of the power to stick together. Together we can accomplish amazing things.

On Wednesdays
We Wear Pink

Shop our latest Pink Haze and Pink Sesh collections.
Everyday is a good day to wear PINK.

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The most amazing part of these events are the acquaintances made that eventually turn into friendships.

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Pink Sesh includes so many different women who add their own value to the community.