A Murder Mystery Event

Stealthy Presents

Pink Sesh Society

Murder Mystery Dinner

What happened?

We teamed up with Stealthy Presents in Los Angeles, CA to host an infused Murder Mystery Dinner on May 28, 2022 from 7-10PM.

Who supported the event?

  • Little Saints Co – non-alcoholic, plant-based wonders custom formulated to lift our consciousness and bring feelings of joy
  • MyHi – water soluble THC sticks
  • Himalaya Vapor – full-spectrum cannabis cartridges, without adding artificial junk
  • Garden Society – quality products for quality of life, cannabis with fresh perspective
  • Pantry Food Co. – your wellness matters, we’ve got your back with adaptogen and cannabis edibles, mindfully micro-dosed, made by chefs

What’s the real story?

Our biggest question was could a bunch of “infused” people keep on track for a Murder Mystery Dinner. The answer is yes. We had so much fun unraveling the details while we laughed and got to know each other both personally and the characters we played in the evening festivities.

Chef Lee of Stealthy Presents served us a beautiful infused meal complete with lobster bisque, sea bass, and light and fluffy chocolate mousse.

The beautiful thing about our infused meal events is that you get to choose what type of infusions you’d like throughout. Some women choose no THC and others go for the gusto. It is completely up to you and your tolerance levels.  You never get blasted…unless, of course, that is your goal.

Megan, Founder and Owner of Little Saints takes the cake on playing her role to the fullest as the close-talking doctor. Summer thought it was weird that her character had to eavesdrop on total strangers but she was a pro.

Another star of the show was our Zenco – this piece is something you probably can’t live without. AND it’s a woman-owned company, which we love. Check it out here.

We loved meeting some amazing women at this event and can’t wait to see them again soon.

Should others think about this type of event?

Yes, definitely. With the right team this event is a must-do in the plant medicine community!

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