A Visit with Quality Testing Lab

We had the opportunity to tour a 100% minority-women owned testing lab in Orange County, CA and it was nothing less than impressive.

Megan Newton, the founder and CEO, is originally from the Seattle area and attended the University of Washington where she studied chemistry, bioresource science and engineering. Before starting QTL, she was a nuclear engineer for the Department of Defense.

As the cannabis industry expanded, Megan’s drive was to protect the end consumer. It was her immune compromised family members that inspired her to take this direction.

We’ve been focused on testing since we entered this industry. Honest testing is one positive thing that has come from legalization. Everyone has heard the fear and horror stories about vape contents outside the legal market and honest testing can prevent these instances.

QTL (Quality Testing Lab) is a one stop lab for all cannabis and hemp testing. They are committed to ensuring products in the marketplace meet the highest standards of consumer safety and regulatory compliance testing.

Testing from labs like QTL allows us to consume with confidence and know that our products do not contain heavy metals or pesticides. We are also able to see the potency of THC and the other cannabinoids that magnify and direct the entourage effect.

Megan and her team of professionals were welcoming, patient, and answered all of our questions about the processes and the ways to test different types of products. We left the tour with enough knowledge to be dangerous but not help anyone.

HOWEVER, if you or anyone in the industry needs professional, trustworthy, and compliant R&D testing, this is the perfect lab. We were impressed with the women and men at QTL.

And, they didn’t even make us feel dumb 🙂

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