About Pink Sesh Society

Pink Sesh is about women across the nation who believe in supporting other women and living unapologetically. We create community through online and in-person events and seshes, social club merchandise, specialized councils, and social media connections with our ladies.

Who is a Pink Sesh woman?

This is easy. Anyone who identifies as female, loves to empower other women, doesn’t judge plant medicine, and enjoys living and learning beside a tribe of other women who have her back. Join us here.

How can I participate?

There are so many ways to participate in Pink Sesh:

  • Become a member (free or paid)
  • Attend a virtual event
  • Attend a local event
  • Start your own local chapter
  • Speak to the group
  • Sponsor events for the sisters
  • Lead a philanthropy effort (local or national)
  • The options are endless

Members get first release of event tickets, of course. Check out our events here.

What is a local chapter?

Our local chapters are a vital part of the Pink Sesh community. They are the ones who build community through local in-person gatherings, close connections, and a local supportive group of women. Learn more here.

Is the annual retreat for members only?

Yes, our retreat will be invite only to our members. Weed love to include everyone but venues for consumption are tough to come by still so we have to keep our groups limited. Sign up here.

Can we collaborate?

We love to collaborate with other brands, communities, professional groups, and we always offer sponsorship opportunities for Pink Sesh events. Learn more!

Connect with us.

Please let us know what is on your mind. Weed love to hear from you. Let’s talk.