Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder, Patty Roe

Patty dreamed of working with the plant she loved in the early nineties. After contributing money out of her measly post-college salary every other week, she finally attended her first NORML meeting in San Diego. Only she wasn’t inspired, quite the opposite, the 60-year old couple who chaired the meeting, sang and played guitars. Cannabis was never discussed and she left without direction.

She went on to spend 10 years in the investment industry marketing global investment products to institutional clients as well as providing trading and research for various products.

In Washington, DC, she managed her own political fundraising business, representing clients ranging from local, state, and federal candidates to national associations and coalitions.

Patty jumped from her fundraising business to Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill to two Members of Congress. As a Chief of Staff, she oversaw each member’s official, campaign, and finance operations. She also played a crucial role in day-to-day operations of each campaign.

Patty left Washington DC for San Diego, CA to resume a different lifestyle and open a political consulting firm with her husband and two other friends. After ten years of the game, she knew she had to get out and when she looked up, the cannabis industry called to her again. It was still young but there were women making a difference and so could she.

In 2016, Patty, and her initial partners, spent time scouring the city of San Diego for a dispensary license until she finally landed a parcel to start the licensing process. While licensing the dispensary, she opened a medicinal cannabis delivery serving the greater San Diego area.

Almost a year later, the dispensary license fell through and soon after the delivery closed. Laws were changing and it was time to move on.

After working in the industry and delivering to an audience of 80% females, Patty realized women weren’t given the appropriate power when it came to flower. Nothing in the market at the time considered her demographic or style.

In 2017 Pink Haze, a lifestyle brand for cannabis-friendly women, was born. The brand started with a line of apparel and accessories. Meanwhile, she worked behind the scenes to launch a line of THC products.

In 2018, the community, Pink Sesh Society, grew organically from a simple lunch to create content for Pink Haze to an extended family throughout Southern California to sisters across the country.

Today, Pink Sesh Society is for women who desire friendships with other like-minded women, want to grow personally and professionally, acquire leadership skills, support other women, and give-back.

Patty continue to builds Pink Sesh Society while looking for the right partners (it’s way harder than you think) to launch Pink Haze products in targeted states.

She cherishes this organic community and never gets tired of hearing how it has changed people’s lives and perspectives.

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