Herbal Creations High Tea

NG Apothecary Pink Sesh Society Herbal Creations High Tea

What happened?

We teamed up with the Church of Herbalism to bring an afternoon of cheer and a soft launch for our pink sesh sister’s new storefront on May 27, 2022 from 1-4 PM PST.

  • The Church of Herbalism soft launched with Pink Sesh
  • NG Apothecary served up a selection of herbal tea
  • Women  created herbal smoke blends
  • Vegan tacos served by Brujas Cocina
  • We basked in the Flowers on Flowers creations
  • Women made bouquets and flower crowns
  • Some were brave enough to engage in blunt rolling contests

Who Supported the Event?

What’s the Real Story?

We couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon with the queens of San Diego and Barrio Logan. We worked right up until the first person showed to get the Church of Herbalism adorned and ready for it’s very first visitors.

This was a special event because a Pink Sesh woman was expanding her small herbal storefront into a larger space that accommodated the sesh and a soft-launch to our sister’s new journey.

Soon the place was buzzing with laughter, conversations, and smoke. The walls were filled with floral and greenery perfectly designed by Leslie, The Stoned Florist and Flowers on Flowers. The flowers adornment stays even after the sesh but we were the first to view it and sesh in it’s presence. And Leslie even stayed to play with the ladies.

The OG pink seshers served up new seshers at the dab ‘extraordinaire’ bar. What does “extraordinaire” mean in this case? It goes beyond dabs. A rolling space for blunts, dabs, gravity bongs, herbal mixtures for flower, and everything else you can think of.

Women were encouraged to create flower crowns and bouquets with flowers provided by Pixca Farms.  Talk about looking cute during the sesh!

We chowed down on three different vegan taco options and drank Herbal Creation tea until our hearts content and the goodie bags were stacked thanks to our sponsors above.

Most of all, it was a time of pride for all of us to watch Nayeli grow into a productive and positive contribution to her own community of Barrio Logan. This isn’t her last Pink Sesh so watch out for more to come!

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