Meeting M80

I met M80 and a couple of his New Jersey music friends, DJ Wreckless and Justin Love, earlier this year in Los Angeles. We ended up at a celebration for investors, entrepreneurs, and supporters of a cannabis venture. I reveled in their ambition, gratitude, and swagger so I watched a couple on Instagram and the intrigue began to grow.

We met up a few times since then and I saw him perform at the CannaCool Lounge in Los Angeles.

With a trip to NYC on the books, I requested an interview.

M80 and I set up a time and when I got to New York, I asked several people how best to get to Paterson, New Jersey. Every single one asked, “Why would you go to Paterson?”

Putting the judgement aside I arrived the next day at our designated meeting spot at our designated meeting time, but there was no answer at the door to the worn townhome in Jersey.

I knocked.

I texted.

I called.

I knocked again.

No answer.

I was alone on the front porch with a tall shiny silver gun ashtray. The Uber driver stayed to either watch the show or protect me, either way he wouldn’t move.

After sitting on the steps for a couple minutes praying I had the right address, the Uber slowly pulled away. I was nervous, not because of where I was, but because this was my first interview. Were my questions good enough?  Was I good enough?  Would the recorder on my phone work? Am I getting dissed by my first subject?

As I begun to spiral the phone rang and I was soon inside, leaving my nerves outside.  I got a quick tour of the place which ended at his room where a couple dozen pairs of shoes, boots and high tops, lined the wall.  There was even a spinning light that made designs between the wall and ceiling. We chatted as he searched high and low for his weed.

We’ve all been there.

Before we started the interview, he rolled a blunt… the coincidence to the name of the blog, Let’s be Blunt, was perfect.

See the interview here:

At one point, in the middle of the interview, M80 asked if I wanted a shot of Patron. It threw me off. It wasn’t the usual offering and I declined as I’m not really a shot kind of girl but I regretted it later. You know the saying, when in Jersey…

After the interview, we listened to music and laughed at Family Guy until it was time for me to head back to NYC.

The irony about the profile piece is that there is nothing “blunt” about it.  My intention was to do a simple question and answer interview but the writer wanna-be in me wouldn’t allow it.

I loved getting to know M80, aka Trap Kelly. I’ve heard some of his new beats and can’t wait to see what he does next.