Meeting Summer

In early 2016, I arrived promptly for a meeting with my new business partners – a medicinal delivery service, soon to be backed up by a brick-and-mortar dispensary. As I walked toward the house, a pretty young girl was there to meet me. She was tall with dark honey brown hair, “Are you Patty,” she said.

“I am…did they send a search party for me,” I replied, “I’m right on time.”

“I don’t know, I was just told to find ‘Patty,’” she shrugged as we both turned toward our first cannabis meeting and without any real introduction.

Our meeting began with Matt, a sales guy who represented several vendors and products. After the introductions and commotion of three excited dogs settled, Matt opened a big black case and put out a display of cannabis products. The range of new products is always exciting and Matt showed us hash cigarettes, chocolate covered espresso beans, cherries, drinks, flavored waters, beef jerky…you name it and if it hasn’t been thought of yet, it soon will.

We knew we were onto something.

Summer left her job in a salon and joined us full-time in the new world of cannabis and she became the glue that held us together. My partner and I both had full-time jobs while working full-time hours to launch a brand new business in a brand new industry. We couldn’t wait to try new things, learn about the newest innovations, and hear stories from others in the industry about their challenges – and successes. As we explored the new range of options to cannabis users, we grew from novices to connoisseurs, with very refined tastes – and expectations.

Summer and I spent more and more time together as we worked to build a fledgling medical delivery business, learning the ins-and-outs of running a cannabis retail business through trial and error.

As I got to know Summer, I realized how alike we were. Working moms taking care of young families with similar personality quirks – like getting really excited about things as small as liquid glitter phone cases and buds in the shape of a heart.

Unfortunately, the uncertainty about legal issues related to gaps in federal, state, and local laws, and a denial for a permit for the dispensary, led to us closing the business. While we were making great progress with the delivery service, none of us were that interested in the challenges of a delivery service, particularly with so much “grey” in the rules and regulations.

So our progress came to a screeching halt, our plans up in smoke (I couldn’t resist).

But Summer and I kept our cannabis dream alive, spending our newfound free time together exploring other ways to build a woman-owned business focused on providing women with cannabis-related products…and through the fog we found a Pink Haze.

Now, we continue our dream promoting products – and people – we believe in and helping them grow their businesses by providing high quality product to cannabis consumers.