Rainbow Sesh & Sound Bath

Rainbow Pink Sesh Sound Bath by Sweet Tatas

What happened?

We teamed up with Sweet Tatas to have a pride celebration and sound bath on June 4th, 2022 from 7-10 PM EST at Copper House in Detroit, MI.

  • Copper House was the perfect setting and vibes for our sesh
  • Beautiful vegan and gluten-free friendly mean provided by Mariam’s Alkaline
  • LGBTQ+ awareness exercise and share circle lead by Jess Jackson of Common Citizen and Copper House
  • Healing sound bath by Tatiana of Sweet Tatas
  • Photos by Fawn Hall

Who supported the event?

  • New Standard  – Ready to experience a new standard in cannabis? We got you.
  • 1906 New Highs – Meet the #1 fast acting edible.
  • Binske – Luxury cannabis.
  • Sweet Spot – Vegan edible gummies.
  • Gold Crown Extracts – Pure extracts with a focus on clarity and quality.
  • Organic Flame – Building the American hemp industry & working to help the honeybees.
  • Social Vape – Full spectrum vape cartridge for the everyday user.
  • Cannasmack – Natural hemp lip balm, body care, and skincare.

What’s the real story?

This event was perfect perfect perfect. Pink Sesh finally got to partner with Copper House to bring together an event for women to celebrate pride awareness and heal from our beautiful friend, Tatiana’s (aka Sweet Tatas), sound bath experience.

Let’s get down to sesh business. Using our sponsored product above, the Most Valuable Players go to the Stunden – glass gravity infusers propelled by kinetic energy and the Zenco – an elegant tabletop vape experience. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try either one of these pieces, you are truly missing out. Pure art.

First we ate a beautiful spread by Mariam’s Alkaline including daal, koshary, squash soup, summer salad, and honey lemon iced tea. The ladies were very quiet once the food was served. Put something that delicious and wholesome in front of elevated women and you witness true bliss. The goodness of the meal made up for the rainbow cake and vegan and gluten-free fruity pebble treats. We hope…

Then, Jess Jackson of Common Citizen and Copper House, gave us insights into the LGBTQ+ community from years ago compared to now and the personal struggles that can come with living your truth. She took us through a powerful exercise portraying the possible outcomes of living your full truth that left most of us speechless and deep in thought. Others shared their own experiences of awareness or commitments to be more aware.

To top off the evening we all made space to be on the floor in our comfy rainbow and festive pajama attire for a healing sound bath by Tatiana. How to explain the experience… I heard women say they cried, some felt deep vibrations within themselves, some snored, and some tripped out about where the sounds were coming from. Everyone collectively loved it. Which is why you’ll see some regular events with Tatiana line up for the seshers looking to unplug completely.

The most amazing part of these events are the acquaintances made that eventually turn into friendships. Without the acceptance of women who are open to supporting other women while moving forward themselves we couldn’t make events happen, let alone successful.


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