Reasons for a Tolerance Break

Dear Miss Haze, I no longer feel stoned after consumption. Please do not tell me I am doomed for the dreaded tolerance break. Any suggestions?

Dear Do Not Take a Break,You are not alone. It is common among people who habitually consume or have been long time consumers. Here are a few tricks to try before you resort to the dreaded tolerance break.

Change your way of consumption. If you typically consume flower from joints try something different: bong rip, pipe, glass joint, one hitter, blunt, etc. Also try flower, dabs or a vape pen – whichever one is not your go-to method.  Sometime this simple change will hit different.
Switch up the flower. Going from one top shelf indica to a different top shelf indica may be all you need. Individual terpenes in each flower will provide a different entourage effect and help to kick start the effects you’re after. Sometimes your tolerance is to certain strains and not THC alone.

If all of the above fails, it’s time to take the dreaded tolerance break. Tolerance breaks don’t have to be an all or nothing  program. It can also be a slight tweak by abstaining from consumption until the evening or maybe you need a day off. Use your best judgment to go as long as you can tolerate without affecting your mental health.

When you are done with your tolerance break… meet me in the clouds. We will wait for you there!


Miss Haze

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