Spark More Love

Pink Sesh includes so many different women who add their own value to the community.

Tina was no different. The moment I laid eyes on Tina, I felt a sense of peace. I’m not sure if it was her smile, eyes, or her old soul but I wanted to be around her.

After Tina attended monthly seshes and volunteered to be on our philanthropy committee, I asked if she wanted to meet up. She came to my home and rolled the fattest joint. We shared stories, our hearts, and cannabis. It was as if we had been friends before and just picked up where we left off. Our souls connected.

I watched Tina blossom from not knowing anyone at the seshes to becoming best friends with so many women of all ages. She became a staple in a friend group, “camp giggles” a name adopted after a giggly night at a Glowing Goddess Getaway.

It’s easy to believe Tina had such a presence in her circle of Pink Sesh sisters. She was kind, generous, and loving. She’s an amazing mother who would do anything for her children. She always had cannabis and papers and rolled the fattest joints, one after another, until you said no.

Tina wasn’t feeling herself in a few ways and we were happy to get to the bottom of it as discussed at our epic “camp giggles” photo shoot. It was a beautiful day and the women were happy and lighthearted. We captured pure gold. We didn’t realize our lives would change the next day.

We tried to find the light in every single piece of news that came through for Tina. She suffered as they worked to find answers. After a lot of tests, prayers, phone calls, zooms, and group DMs.… the diagnosis was in. It was a rare form of brain cancer called Glioblastoma. It devastated all of us as we sat with the reality of this deadly disease.

We knew it was time to take Tina’s lead to move forward. It was her health, family, and life at stake and all we could do was offer a supportive heart in a million different ways. And, everyone (even women who never met Tina) pulled together to do what big or small thing they could to add light to a very dark situation.

Tina and I spoke over the past months and every time she told me she was grateful for the friendships, pure love and support she felt. She had a sense of peace from that unconditional love. Times were tough but there were little glimpses of light that shone in when she thought about her canna-sisters. We cried, laughed, and sat in silence. Above all, her words were genuine when she said, “Pink Sesh changed my life.”

Tina lives on in our hearts. She is the purest example of kindness, acceptance, tolerance, and sisterhood. Tina, we will continue to SPARK MORE LOVE in your honor. Thank you for changing all of our lives and showing us to #sparkmorelove over everything.

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