Self-Care Mystery Box Event

Event Date:

February 24, 2022

Event Time:

8:30 pm

Event Location:

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Here it is… our first mystery box event. That’s right, the items inside this mystery box have a value of over $200.00.
We will get on a self-care mystery box unveiling where we can talk about some of the items… we wouldn’t want you to really mistake that massager to be used on your neck.
This is not a plant medicine focused box. This is includes items that will help you move toward feeling good and taking care of yourself… mentally and physically.


Event FAQs

Do I have to get my box before the event?
Absolutely not. We won't be using everything in the box during the call. That would be weird...that would be group-care and a whole different ball game.

We will focus on self-care and uncommon ways to think about it.
Can I order a ticket if I just like the goodies?
Yes, you can do that too. Although the Zooms can be therapeutic as well. Imagine a bunch of girlfriends getting together to be real.
What's so cool about a mystery box?
The mystery! And the items in the box are worth over $200. And the Zoom with the ladies...