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The Society

Together as Pink Sesh Society, we pledge to live exceptionally, accept no judgment, be our beautiful selves, live by our own rules, and empower ourselves so that we can empower others. Our bold and powerful society meets every so often for a day full of good weed, good lady friends, and good vibes. Though our big collaborations come and go like concert tickets, it only takes two or more women to band together for a proper Pink Sesh. We’re here to help you find your tribe.

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Origin & History

We are a lady gang made up of strong, fierce, and ambitious women and we always have been. Our love of cannabis is what brings us together. Although we are made up of various cultures and backgrounds, our differences fade away once we are together. We’re here for each other. Learn more about who we are.

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At Pink Sesh, we believe that badass women deserve badass merch. Don’t be afraid to represent the Pink Sesh Society in everything that you do. Stand up and stand out.

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Our sisterhood is made up of creative, successful, confident women like you who take life by the reins and play by their own rules. When you become a Pink Sesh member, you become a part of something bigger than yourself. You become a part of the positive movement towards normalizing cannabis consumption amongst women. Alone you are strong, but together we can be powerful.

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