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Pinkhaze Who We Are

Who We Are

For women who take their fun seriously, here’s to higher living. From sophisticated women who run executive board meetings, to elegant mothers handling family business, celebrate the luxury of being you. Whether you’re headed to a fabulous dinner party, a Broadway show, or just relaxing in a foamy bathtub, admit it, you have higher standards. So do we.

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We rise by lifting others

We believe in women empowering other women. Together we can take on anything. We know that women are the first to put others before themselves and that’s why, at Pink Haze, we put women first. Our cannabis is made for the woman who knows her worth, who’s never afraid to turn down a good time, who is true to herself and confident in her own skin. Pink Haze is here to empower.

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Together as the Pink Sesh Society, we pledge to live exceptionally, accept no judgment, be our beautiful selves, live by our own rules, and empower ourselves to empower others.

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