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Pinkhaze Who We Are

Who We Are

We believe in women empowering other women. Women are the first to put others before themselves and that’s why Pink Sesh Society provides a space just for us to build friendships, learn, teach, accept, give back, and empower each other through online and local community. Our women know their own worth, the worth of other women, and the worth of power to stick together. Together we can accomplish amazing things!

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Pink Sesh Queens

For women who take their fun seriously, here’s to higher living. From sophisticated women who run executive board meetings, to elegant mothers handling family business, celebrate the luxury of being you. Pink Sesh Queens are women from all backgrounds. We don’t judge other women, we live unapologetically, and we support each other to live our best lives through personal growth, community, and best of all we have a ton of fun and laugh a lot.

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Together as the Pink Sesh Society, we pledge to live exceptionally, accept no judgment, be our beautiful selves, live by our own rules, and empower ourselves to empower others.

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