5 Strains to be Productive

“There’s an app for that” has been replaced with “there’s a strain for that.”

Walk into a dispensary and listen. People request strains for sleep, anxiety, creativity, nausea, sex drive, and any other day-to-day issues. Budtenders enlighten consumers about strains they’ve personally tested or are known for certain characteristics.

As women who hustle, we are in constant search for strains to assist with our drive and focus. Here’s the quick lowdown on our top five favorites over the past year of research.

Durban Poison

A powerful sativa, Durban Poison has an aroma of citrus and pine needles and tastes of licorice and mint. This sweet piney strain delivers an intense boost of energy to kick you off the couch and toward tasks that require a clear head. Whether you’re doing laundry or completing financials for your business, you’ll be doing it with motivation, concentration, and best of all bliss. One last shout out to Pink Haze’s MVP, due to the levels of the THCV cannabinoid, Durban is known to curb your appetite. Step away from the bon bons!

Jack Herer

Another popular sativa is Jack Herer with hints of lemon and woody spice to the palate. Jack is known for mood and energy elevation so it’s used among the stressed and depressed with good reason. However, once you get that uplifted euphoric spirit, you will be inspired and energized to conquer a new task creatively and happily. This strain is also known to assist with ADD/ADHD and nausea. It was named after, Jack Herer, the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, who spent his life fighting for cannabis legalization. We love Jack!

Green Crack

A sativa originally known as Cush, Green Crack is known for its sweet flavor with tropical and citrus notes. This strain will make you want to kick off your shoes and dance to a happy song… right before you tackle that blog you’ve been meaning to write for the past seven days. As a favorite of Snoop Dogg, who gave it the name Green Crack, it’s also known to help ease the pain of arthritis, headaches, and PMS as well as symptoms of anorexia, depression, and stress. If Snoop likes it…

Lemon Haze

We don’t need us to tell you about the sweet and fragrant citrus smell of this sativa. Lemon Haze is a fast-acting cerebral elevation as well as a mental buzz that will have you searching for upbeat and stimulating conversation. It does not disappoint for brainstorming ideas with partners and collaborations or even sneak a quick puff to have a full evening of fun and laughs with the family. Watch out, this one could make you sit the kids in front of a movie while you and Dad… well, you know.

Sour Diesel

This sativa-dominate hybrid packs in a diesel gas aroma with a hint of lemon on the palate. Its invigorating cerebral buzz opens the door to all sorts of creativity. Did someone ask you to play Legos for the umpteenth time? You just might want to. Commonly used to relieve anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. Sour Diesel is a good daytime flower and will surely give you a head start… or should we say a full tank?

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